Dear beloved families & friends,

Christmas is personally very dear to me, season of love, peace, joy. I always picture it as a cozy holiday where I could spend more time with my loved ones. I'm excited that the season that I've been waiting for 10 months is finally here again.

About ukulele, it's an amazing & cute instrument that asociates well with joy. It's perhaps the smallest orchestral instrument.

Jazz, is the music I love. It expresses freedom in creativity, groovy, fresh, exploration in many possibilities.

Last October I had a plan to make those three combined, a jazzy Christmas mood through solo fingerstyle ukulele.

I really thank God I managed to get everything done just in time. With the help of my church friends Joel Zhou & Tuck Weng I managed to get satisfying recording & mixing done. I'm also very grateful for Santy, my loving wife's help in making the artwork that looks cozy & warm.

I initially wanted to record only 12 songs for the album, but at the end I decided to give more than just that. They are Christmas carols you know, but with some personal "playful & soulful" interpretation which I hope to bring refreshing mood.

I hope that this album will brighten your Christmas experience wherever you are, be it at home with your family, driving your car, reading book, having some coffee in a cafe (like what my artwork pictures, but you're not the Santa), etc.

May the Christmas Spirit always be with you.

Merry Christmas,
Daniel Purnomo

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