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Headless Double Guitar

I'm always game for the better design and solution, I guess it's the engineering side of me that got intrigued after I designed Butterfly guitar (headless). At the end I came up with the stripped down design, with lighter pickups, and headless. This results in lighter weight and shorter guitar (same scale - it's 25"). It's visually artistic, comfortable to play and it sounds great.


Body : mahogany with rosewood veneer top

Neckthrough : maple, rosewood, maple

Fingerboard : amara ebony

Pickups : Alumitone Humbucker 7 Lace

Headless gear : Customised design by Aldridge Empire 

4 april 2012 2_edited_edited.jpg
hearty headless_edited.jpg

Doodling over the old picture of the double guitar design (left) to  make it "headless" (right)

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