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Sometimes the idea comes from the melody, sometimes from the chord progression, another time from the groove. It's good to have a simple recording devices to just record my humming when the idea comes.

Sometimes it takes me just an hour, but sometimes weeks...or even...I don't know how long to put things together into a nice composition. 

Passion is the key, it's like taking time & giving heart to put different colors together to make a beautiful artistic harmony.

All my original tunes are all registered to COMPASS (Composers and Authors of Singapore).

Here are some videos taken at the Concourse, 6th January 2011, "Originals only" series:

- "Lalaladidoobido", a collaboration with Juliet Pang (lyric & vocal). Check out for more information about her works.  

Daniel Purnomo & friends (James Yeo on bass, Shawn Kok on percussion, 6th January 2011 at The Concourse Esplanade

  Videos courtesy: Robert Chan.


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