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Indonesia has Bengawan Solo river which inspired late legendary composer Mr Gesang to write a beautiful legendary song about it, "Bengawan Solo" song which is internationally popular. 

For some reason there's something about river that indeed inspires us. I was inspired by the majestic Singapore River and wrote a composition about it back then when I was still in LASALLE College of the Arts as part of some music project.


As Singapore is a melting pot of many cultures (East meets West), I infused some Chinese pentatonic elements (guzheng inspired) on my guitar for this Smooth Jazz number.


I picture the intro part as the the litle waves of the river that splash onto the river bank, here is the part I used Chinese pentatonic scale a lot. If you were there sitting by the river you will find it relaxing observing the river wave that sometimes triggered by the passing boat.


As you notice the surrounding further as you stroll along, you'll enjoy the atmosphere there too, so majestic, elegant, sweet, just want to stay there a little longer, perhaps in a cafe. That's the chill feeling I want to depict in the song.


I'm sure Singapore river has been inspiring you in one way or another. Feel free to share your experience of Singapore river here while you let Singapore River soothe you.


It's an easy listening, lighthearted Smooth Jazz instrument that has simple yet sweet melody within some complex chord progressions that involve many key centers.


This composition depicts some one's carefree act in a busy world. Imagine a contented guy took his time riding his bike in a busy fast-paced city. He was cruising slowly enjoying the surrounding, observing the city noise, watching people's rush while, car's horn's everywhere & some even's towards him, he needed to manoeuvre his bike & had some jammed brake, but he himself's so relax. He was just carefree & minded his own business, even there were some people were impatient toward him as this seemingly slow gentleman had different pace from the rest.


It's pretty much like our life, look at what happen in this world. There're many noise outside us, so many informations, so many opportunities & possibilities that might made us take up so many unbearable responsibilities, and so on.


I think it's the time to simplify our life. We might have different rhythm of life from the norm, but one thing we need to do is to guard our own heart, not the outside situation affect our peace & joy in the inside.


Let the divine life guide us from inside out, we need to trust the divine person, let go & let Him take control There's always some "slides" slightly beyond our control, but still can be in control of yourself.


It's an old recordingon ukulele that I found that the tone was to sharp.  I re-eq-ed to make it less piercing, warmer, but yet  it still  maintains the ukulele sparkle  tone in it. 

It's a bluesy version of a wonderful Christmas Carol, The First Noel. 

All single tracks are also available on major platform medias (iTunes, Spotify, etc). 

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