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Touchstyle/two handed tapping

Touch style also known as 2 hands tapping is a technique when the guitarist creates sound just by tapping the strings on the frets. No plucking nor strumming needed in this technique. It enables the guitarist to play 2 guitar parts simultaneously as he's able to use both hands to make sound.  Stanley Jordan popularized this technique on electric guitar as he applies touch style to create 2 different guitar parts on his guitar. 

While this technique can be applied in normal electric guitar, I attached sample of playing on a double guitar. Double guitar opens up more possibilities of independence as the guitarist can sound 2 notes from different fret position in the same string position. For example: on the A string (bottom neck), left hand finger pressing 5th fret, and on the other A string (top neck), right hand finger pressing 7th fret.


This can't be achieved in normal guitar as the guitarist only can sound the nearest fret note to the pickup (1 note 1 string position).  With 8 fingers tap on fingerboards, the right thumb can thump on the side of lowest string on the top neck to create percussive sound. (see "Gangnam style - groove")

Link to 

"Over the rainbow"

"Que sera sera" 

"Maria Elena"

"True", (Martin Taylor).

"Copacabana" (I'm not left handed, it's just a mirror effect).

"New York New York" 

"La vie en rose" 

"Sometimes when we touch"

"Satu nada dalam cinta" (Vina Panduwinata, an Indonesia pop song.

"The Girl from Ipanema"

"Georgy Porgy"

"Wonderful tonight"

"Aku ini punya siapa", January Christy. 

"Fascination/Monalisa" (Nat King Cole). 

"Gangnam style - groove", taken at 7KickStart Cafe.

Played on "Hearty" double guitar. 

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