His fingerstyle technique and spontaneous arrangement of "Close to You", a classic Carpenter's tune has brought him to be one of the six finalists of the International Ukulele Contest 2018 held in Honolulu (solo category), HAWAII, the island of Ukulele itself. 

Daniel likes to put some fresh jazz elements in his ukulele playing, be it as playful phrase or inserting extra chords in the progression. Beside actively performing for events he also actively teaches ukulele ensemble in Community Club, international school, churches and private groups.

In 2019 he was selected to be the finalist of the same competition, but now he wasn't alone, the group he coached (SURE - Singapore Ukulele Revival) was selected to be one of the finalists of group category and later on won the 2nd prize.

In 2020 his coached group under SURE (different members as the previous one) won the 2nd prize again in the same international contest.

Beside teaching many students in many platforms he also actively performs professionally for events, gigs, showcases locally and internationally.

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